Monday, June 11, 2012

2 The Practice Space

We play music.  It's what we do when we're not working a regular job, or at least it's what we used to do.  Becky hasn't played guitar or sang, at least in a formal capacity, in quite a while.  And although I'm in a band, the move has prevented me from having a decent space to set up a drum kit, and we have therefore not practiced in months.  So last night I got the bug to finally set up the one-stall garage as the practice space that I'd been planning.

It's a decent size space, definitely enough for a few musicians to feel comfortable, and I may actually have room for one of my other kits to be set up.  The best thing about the space is that it has a garage door on it, and is on the ground more hauling gear through the house and down into a dank basement.  I also discovered last night, while hanging the guitars, that the room is fully insulated, which means it'll stay cooler in the summer, especially with a berm on the left side of the garage.

The loft area is perfect for all the extra drums and stands I've acquired over the years.

Since I also set up the workshop area in the same area, some of the organization involved cleaning up this area.  I got a couple of locking file cabinets from a local office outfitter/wholesaler, one of which will be painted and put inside by the desk, and the other (more dented) one is being used under the workbench for miscellaneous tools & parts.  I also found out that the support beams for the loft were about 48" apart, the exact width of my shop light, so I added that along the wall above the extension cords, and am considering adding some shelving along that wall for some extra storage space.


  1. I really love this space! I want to set up a jam area in the large basement at my fiancé's house. There is a perfect corner nook that is just itching for a drum set and some love.


    1. Thanks Margeuax! Unfortunately, it no longer looks like this - till we finish the house, this has become the dumping ground for all extra materials/purchases/etc. BUT, in repurposing fashion, I did take the laminate wood floor from one of the bedrooms and started brad nailing it as a wall covering on that side wall. It's gonna look excellent. I also had an idea to turn all my old band tees (I have TONS) into sound tiles to line the ceiling with as sound diffusers. Look for drum sets on Craigslist, there's always tons of them - but do your research - a lot of people think their sets are worth WAY more than they are!



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